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All homeowners will likely have suffered from problems with damp in their homes at some point. There is no need to grin and bear it or fight losing battles with inefficient remedies. If you live in Sheffield or the surrounding area, get in touch with Damp2Dry, your local damp proofing specialist, for a permanent solution. We offer a professional and efficient service at an exceptionally competitive price.

How Damp2Dry can help.

Damp can bring with it so many issues and with cold winters set to continue, a reduction of temperature in the home is the last thing you need. In addition, different types of damp inside structures can cause black mould, which can cause health issues as well as being unsightly. If you get in touch with Damp2Dry we can offer a free damp survey in order to shed light on your damp issues. The free inspection will lead to a no obligation, completely free quote.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of rising damp. A damp proof course (DPC) may have failed, or damp could be crossing over due to the raising of floor levels inside or outside and in older buildings especially there may not even be a DPC! Issues occur because stone, building blocks and mortar are permeable, thus allowing damp to rise. When you couple this with a deficient or absent DPC then you will have a problem.

There are different methods available for fitting a DPC. Typically gaps can be bored into the divider at different points and an infiltrating synthetic is injected into the openings. The compound is absorbed into the mortar bed, where it dries to shape a waterproof obstruction.

Damp2Dry bring with them a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of damp, whether it be condensation or rising and lateral damp. Our solutions are inexpensive and effective and will set you on the right track to making your home dry and cosy once more. While external injection is the most common solution there are also advanced solutions for problematic issue involving using a membrane for over ground damp, tanking membrane inside for joining walls and properties such as stone buildings and stables.

Other Damp2Dry services from woodworm treatment to ‘tanking’

In addition to comprehensive damp solutions, Damp2Dry have vast experience as a building contractor, from new builds to extensions and renovations. Other kinds of repairs are also within our remit and we are dab hands at woodworm treatment as well as basement and cellar conversions and ‘tanking’. Cellar or basement ‘tanking’ involves applying a liquid waterproof coat to the walls and floor of the cellar and is usually an absolute necessity to prevent damp and water ingress.

Timber Specialist Sheffield

Rotten timbers can result from damp and a lack of quality airflow. Damp2Dry offer treatments for wood rot and timber replacements.

Penetrating Damp

Another prevalent type of damp in structures, penetrating damp occurs when water enters on a level plane through gaps in a building. This is usually the result of fissures opening from wear and tear in the cement in brickwork, spilling gutters, leaking roofs or poorly fitted windows and doors.


Condensation is a familiar foe to us all, especially come winter time. It is brought on by all manner of household activities, from cooking, to drying clothes and showering. Warm and cold air meet, mix and create condensation. However, some properties suffer from a surfeit of this pesky moisture and structures with inadequately protected walls suffer most. Damp can result and Damp2Dry can offer expert advice and solutions.


We are currently offering free damp proof surveys to customers in the Sheffield area. Call Damp2Dry today and your damp problems will soon evaporate. Our friendly, experienced and professional team are dedicated to tackling all manner of damp-related problems. So, there is no good reason not to choose Damp2Dry for all your damp proofing needs.