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Damp Proofing Leeds

If you are a resident of Leeds and surrounding areas and are having issues with damp, contact Damp2Dry - your local Leeds damp proofing experts. 

Damp Proofing Leeds Specialist 

Rising damp can emerge for different reasons: a current damp proof course (DPC) could have failed; damp crossing over because of the raising of outside ground or inside floor levels; or in more established structures, the entire absence of a damp proof course. 

Block, stone and mortar are permeable, permitting ground damp to rise. Where a DPC is missing or deficient, there are different methods for fitting one. A typical technique is to bore gaps into the divider at general interims and infuse an infiltrating synthetic into the openings. The compound is consumed into the mortar bed, where it dries to shape a waterproof obstruction.

At Damp2dry we have various answers for issues brought on by many types of damp. External injection is the customary strategy, or likewise the more advanced way utilising a membrane for over ground damp, utilizing tanking membrane inside for joining walls and  troublesome properties i.e. stone-manufactured structures, stables and so forth. 

Penetrating Damp Leeds

Penetrating Damp is the another normal type of dampness in structures. Dampness happens in regions as a consequence of water penetrating on a level plane through holes in the building. Often due to wear and tear on cement in brickwork, spilling gutters and leaking roofs or windows and entryways not being fixed accurately. 

Various types of what gives an impression of dampness inside structures are presented in Black Mold which is constantly brought on by absence of good ventilation, causing damp buildup.

Condensation Leeds

Condensation originates in a normal day to day household, e.g. food preparation, showering or drying of garments on radiators. The dampness noticeable all around gathers on cooler surfaces. Structures with inadequately protected walls are exceptionally inclined to this issue. It regularly causes harm like damp in a property and frequently shows up in the same spots. This is on the basis that it happens in the "dead air" pockets that collect in both level and vertical corners (i.e. out of circling air designs). A normal family group makes 15 pints of dampness every day (ie 4.2 people).

Timber Specialist Leeds

Reasons for rot are ordinarily because of unnecessary moistness and absence of a good flow of air, Normally found to Subfloor Timbers, we at Damp2dry offer treatments, and timber replacement. 

Creepy crawly Invasion 

The most widely recognised being the Wood Boring Weevil and the Common Furniture Beetle. We offer treatment answers for these issues and numerous others.


As well as offering solutions to damp problems we also provide building solutions including: extensions, new builds and a full renovation and repair service.

As well as offering competitively priced damp solutions we also offer other building related services. As a large Leeds-based building contractor we can also offer new build solutions as well as extensions, repairs and full house renovations. We can even help with planning and design.

For all your building needs contact Damp2Dry. Contact us today to arrange for your free damp survey.